Motto & Values


The school’s motto is LOVE AND SERVICE. This has been chosen from our deeply cherished belief about what it means to be an educated person. It is our belief that education is relevant only if it is geared towards love and service to mankind.

To us, the right kind of service is that which is rendered in humility. It is the aim of the school to produce such gems for mother Ghana. To attain this laudable goal, each student is enjoined to eschew all forms of pride and learn to work hard whilst in school.


The school incorporates a wide range of positive values which make it one of the best institutions of high learning in the country. If you uphold these values you will be part of our success story. We enumerate some of the prominent ones as follows:

SELF DISCIPLINE Self Discipline is a sine qua non for general discipline. We expect students to uphold the high level of discipline inculcated in them by their parents at home, build on it in the school, and live with it in the wide world.
2 INTEGRITY We have created a name, and we endeavour to protect, in word or deed, the moral soundness of our name.
3 LOYALTY We are steadfast in our allegiance to our authorities within the school and outside, to Nana Yaa Asantewaa our Patron dear, and indeed to all women and men of inspiration.
4 BRAVERY We display the boldness of the lion, especially where we know we have a just cause. Remember when our men were as frightened as Macbeth before the ghost of Banquo, our Patron was as bold as a lion.
5 LOVE AND SERVICE To show love and mercy towards an enemy is not to yield to him meekly, but to conquer him with a force superior to his own.  With the subtle weapon of love we are able to subdue not only our friends, but our perceived enemies, thereby making the world a global village of love. Amor vincit omnia.
6 DEDICATION AND HARD WORK There can be no close subtitute for hard work. If something has to be done, it has to be done well. That is why we devote our whole lives to holistic education within the constraints of time and inputs.
7 TRUTHFULNESS Truth is the cry of all but the game of the few. We will always stand on the side of the truth, and damn the consequences. Sometimes the truth is an unpalatable pill, but it is the best remedy. Veritas lumen.
8 HONESTY We do not cheat, even though we will not like to be cheated. You can always depend on us for who we are; and it is our unflinching ambition to live above board in all circumstances.
9 PUNCTUALITY The early bird catches the worm. Knowing that time and tide wait for no man, we are guarded religiously by our routine activities in the school and outside. They say it is better to be late than never; we say it is better to be punctual and ever. We hear the sound of the siren in our hearts, through our ears, and we take immediate action.
10 VISIONARY A life without a vision is not worth living. We know our goals in life and we leave no stones unturned in accomplishing those goals. Sometimes we have the resillience to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones. We don’t just maintain the status quo, but we go the extra mile for the sake of posterity.
11 TEAM SPIRIT We work together; teachers, students, workers, parents; because in unity lies strength. We are one big family of different sexes, ages and abilities. And we enjoy the positive results of this unity in diversity.
12 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Doctors take care of our health; farmers till the land to feed us; teachers teach; and we students learn. That is what we do best. We make use of all the available resources, human, materials and positive time management to progress, where others may resort to complaints and destructive tendencies.
13 PATRIOTISM We ask not what our country can do for us, but  what we can do for our country, our schools, our families and ourselves. We jealously keep this country won for us by the blood and toil of our fathers, and we want to leave indelible footprints to a utopia for our citizens yet unborn.
14 GODFEARING We know that the knowledge of God is the beginning of wisdom. If we are full of admiration for the maker of a wristwatch, or an airplane, or the Titanic, then why should we not acknowledge the greatness of the creator of the whole universe?
15 SPORTSMANSHIP A sound mind is a sound body. And why not? Education is the training of the mind, body and soul.
16 SOCIABLE Since we are not living in a Robinson Crusoe island, we recognize the presence of other schools and indeed, other people, and we have healthy interactions with those we meet in Ghana and beyond.
17 CONSCIENTIOUS Conscience is what it is in you that dictates your acts and omissions in private or in public. Beyond these itemized values are a countless unwritten ones which should guide us in our lives in school and outside.